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Charcuterie and bakery board olive wood Handcrafted SMALL

Charcuterie and bakery board olive wood Handcrafted SMALL

SKU: 45052

A versatile serving board for serving bakery, meat, cheese or butter. Jamailah olive wood tableware is based on our unique elegant design. Olive wood is a rare and precious wood from the Mediterranean. Nature adds a wonderful pattern to our designs. Olive wood is solid, robust, and clean. Thanks to its rigid and strong surface it is ideal for usage in the kitchen. We source our olive wood from Italy and Greece, imported from Switzerland for the woodwork. We perform quality control and pack in Charleston, SC. Our olive wood is the highest quality available in the Mediterranean and we guarantee that the items don't crack. Every item is unique in pattern, color and might have a slight deviation in size, color, shape, and size. How to maintain the beauty of olive wood. Just add a bit of oil or bee wax, rub it in, and let it soak in overnight. Handwash. Avoid washing in the dishwasher.

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