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Cranberry Cheer Cocktail Infusion

Cranberry Cheer Cocktail Infusion

SKU: 050422

Celebrate your next gathering with our Cranberry Cheer! It smells and tastes like a winter wonderland and the perfect Champagne cocktail treat! 

Making the perfect Christmas gift, host or teacher gift, or gearing up for your next holiday party, these Cocktail Infusions will turn any occasion into a memorable affair. For a limited time - available through January or while they last. 

1. Fill your jar with your favorite spirit.

2. Refrigerate three days to infuse.

3. Pour into a glass and add your mixer. Makes up to 10 cocktails!

Repeat! Strain the Infuse Jar and fill it up and infuse again and make up to 10 more cocktails!

Cranberry Cheer includes: Orange-Infused Organic Sugar, Unsweetened Cranberry, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Orange

Suggested Spirit: Vodka

Suggested Cocktails: Poinsettia, Cranberry Cheer White Sangria, Christmas Punch

Shelf Life: One year. 30 Days once infused. 

Our Infuse Jars come with a QR Code to scan for recipes and instructions or you may visit here. 

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