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House of the Rising Bun

House of the Rising Bun

SKU: 45181

Enjoy Naughty Chocolate Doberge Cupcakes, Creamy Bread Puddings, Tongue-Teasing Turtle Cookies, Blissful Blackout Cake and Lip-Licking Buttermilk Drops! Indulge in Satisfying Bananas Foster, Hot Beignets and Satiating Creme Brulees! Experience Genuine NOLA Po Boy and Muffuletta Breads, Bulging Creole Pizzas, Climatic Crawfish Bread, Pleasureful Pain Perdu and Toe-Curling King Cakes! Discover your Passion for Baking New Orleans' Best Breads, Pastries and Desserts! Do it in the Kitchen and Succumb to the Pure Joy of Big Easy Food Porn! "There is a book from New Orleans, they call the Rising Bun, It's been the ruin of many a waistline, oh and let me tell you Hon! It's rich food-riot, will destroy your diet, but gettin' this fat can be fun!"

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