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Oyster Grilling Dishes - Set of 3

Oyster Grilling Dishes - Set of 3

SKU: 41393

Oysters have a certain spirituality of their own. Their uniqueness in the wild is akin to snow-flakes; you simply won't find two alike. This is what makes them so special. 

Use these oyster dishes for grilling, baking, serving, salt cellars, spices, soaps, and every other use you can imagine. 

Safe up to 550º in the oven or on the grill. These oysters are fired high in the kiln, so as long as you let them cool they will do fine. 

Grab a container of fresh shucked oysters and prepare grilled oysters with a butter, garlic and lemon sauce. Serve Oysters Bienville or Rockefeller done in the oven or on the grill. 

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