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Seahorse Platter

Seahorse Platter

SKU: 46030

his green seahorse reminds you of the vibrancy of coral reefs and sun-speckled ocean bottoms. Crafted by Lori Siebert for the Glass Fusion collection, the Seahorse Platter is in the shape of a gentle seahorse with rounded edges, and is colored in green hues with purple accents on the fins and polka dots. If you'd like to give someone special in your life a nice surprise, this makes an excellent gift for anyone from coworkers to siblings, old friends and new. Occasions for gifting include housewarmings, weddings, birthdays or as a surprise outside of the normal holiday season. Use as a tray to serve tasty morsels of food like fruit, appetizers or desserts, or put it by the door to hold your keys or add interest to a side table arrangement.

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