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The Tiger Among Us by Chis E. Warner

The Tiger Among Us by Chis E. Warner

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…in the spring of 1990 a terrorist cell of Muslim computer science students exacts a brute force hack into the computer system of the Counter-Anti-Terrorism-Assistance-Program (CATAP) at Louisiana State University. Two traveling Israeli Mossad agents teaching counter-terrorism at the LSU instructional program are murdered in Athens, Greece outside their hotel. It is perceived as an international terrorist incident. Dr. Bobby Lee Broussard of the National Security Agency (NSA) discovers a terrorist cell at LSU trying to undermine the government’s efforts to combat terrorism. The United States civilian masters order a lone Marine Corps operative to LSU to locate, exploit and eliminate the terrorist threat in the name of national security…Michael Stein is an exemplary 28-year old Recon Marine. Nearing ten years of service, he is ready to retire from the military and pursue a degree and a family. However, Michael is offered a mission that alters all plans… Louisiana, his area of operation, is unlike any he’s encountered, containing a host of pitfalls and distractions… Stein survives these worldly impediments to fulfill his deadly mission in a thrilling, unforgettable climax.

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